Saturday, December 29, 2012

Top 10 of 2012

To celebrate the end of 2012, I thought I would post my top ten favorite photos of the year.  It is a little sad I have not had time to post anything from Thailand yet so I decided this would just be the top 10 of what I posted, not of photos taken in 2012.  Having settled in with my new job, I have had the chance to do some traveling and take the most photos since we moved home from Europe.  I was able to photograph places close to home like downtown Vegas, Red Rock Canyon and the Valley of Fire.  We also went to LA for last Christmas and to San Diego just a few months ago.  We took multiple visits to Utah where I shot in Provo Canyon, Brian Head, and Cedar Breaks.  In May, we were able to Washington DC.  I also drove through the Columbia River Gorge and enjoyed shooting Multnomah Falls.  We spent a week in Central Oregon and enjoyed some hiking and shooting there too.  Finally, we went to Thailand and Korea and spent Christmas in Washington, but those pictures haven't been posted yet so they will have to wait for next year.  Without any more rambling, here are my top ten for the year.  If you think something is missing from what you have seen on my blog this year, let me know in the comments.

#10 Venice Beach, California
#9 City Center, Las Vegas
#8 Oceanside, California
#7 George Washington Masonic Memorial, Washington DC
#6 San Diego, California
#5 Smith's Rock, Oregon
#4 Alpine Pond, Cedar Breaks, Utah

#3 Multnomah Falls, Oregon
#2 Cedar Breaks, Utah
#1 Tumalo Falls, Oregon


Mallory said...

I never saw the ones you took in utah. It looks super pretty! I think I liked the beach ones the best, so I could have done with a few more of those. I also like the downtown las vegas picture as well.

Rebecca Jackrel said...

The graveyard is especially poignant. Thanks for sharing your beautiful year!