Friday, September 6, 2013


      It's time to start Round 7 of the Travel Photo Carnival.  This is a great opportunity for all kinds of photographers to showcase their work and meet similar people.  Round 6 was hosted by MonkBoughtLunch with the awesome topic "World Heritage Sites."  It was an honor to be picked as the winner of Round 6 with this photo from Ayutthaya Thailand.

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Time for Round 7!

     For Round 7, I have chosen a subject I personally struggle with--People.  I love great shots of people in their natural habitat, but if you look through my blog, you won't find very many.  I dug up a few examples to show the type of shots I am talking about--these are people just living life, not portraits.  These shots can be difficult because it can be difficult to make ordinary life appealing and it can be awkward to find the balance between sneaking a quick photograph and asking someone in a different culture to cooperate as you work on your shot.  Moreover, in many places people will expect payment for taking their photographs.  This happened to me a lot in Romania.

This first example is someone helping to pull our longtail boat to the dock in Krabi, Thailand.  Details for the shot can be found here.

This is probably my favorite person photo.  It was taken during the changing of the guards in Seoul, South Korea.  Details are here.

This shot is from Transylvania, Romania taken from a small dirt road on the way to Viscri. The man was very nice and did not care that we stopped to take photos.  Details are here.

The final example is from the Vietnam Memorial in Washington DC.  I liked the reflection of the Vietnam Vet on the wall.  Details are here.


     Anyone can enter as long as they have their own blog or website capable of hosting round 8 of the Travel Photo Carnival.  To enter, simply leave a comment to this post with a link to your photo.  If you want to submit a photo you haven't published yet, email me a copy of the photo together with a link to your blog or website. I will post the submissions below as they are entered so check back often.  The contest closes September 14 with the winner to be posted September 15 so get those photos in fast!


Stephen of brings us our first submission.  This photo from Bishkek. 
Performers on the Bridge - Prague
Anwar from Beyond My Front Door brings us this shot of a performer in Prague.  Details on this photo can be found here.

Anil sends us this great shot.


Thanks for sending in this awesome shot Anil.  I loved shooting the monks while I was in Thailand, but was never able to get them in such a great position.  Email me and I will send you all you need to host the next round.  Thanks to everyone who submitted photographs.


Stephen said...

Hey Brent, this is also a cool theme (and something I struggle with sometimes as far as opportunity versus exploitation).

Here's a semi-recent shot from Bishkek that I like a lot:

Thanks for hosting Round 7!

Anwar said...

It is a great topic. I'm terrible with people photos too. Here is my entry for this carnival.

a. said...

Hey Brent,

You may find mine below!