Saturday, June 9, 2012

The National Cathedral 
Washington DC
May 25, 2012
Nikon D3100: ISO 400: 1/500 sec.: f/11: 18mm
The National Cathedral was beautiful and more what I expected to see while in Europe and didn't find much of.  It was a beautiful, although humid, day with blue sky and clouds.

Nikon D3100: ISO 800: 1/10 sec.: f/4.5: 28 mm.
I loved the way the sun came in through the sun came in through the stained glass and this shot captured the colored light coming in.  There were windows all along the walls depicting mostly scenes from US history. 

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Brent and Mallory said...

The stained glass window is pretty much my favorite picture you have ever taken. the way the light colors everything is so amazing. Is that something that you plan or did it just happen ? I think you could probably sell it! Amazing!