Friday, April 5, 2013

Railey West

Railey, Thailand
November 22, 2012
Nikon D3100: Tamron 18-270 20 mm: ISO 360: 1/500 sec.: f/11
We enjoyed a nice (and very reasonable) lunch on the beach on the East side of Railey before taking a swim.  The beach was very enjoyable, but had more people because this is where the speed-boat tours stop.  Even with that, it paled in comparison to what you would see at a beach in California.  The water was nice, but had a lot of sea lice--meaning you would get little stabs of pain, almost like a light bee sting, every few minutes.  While that was annoying, it wasn't bad enough to ruin the swimming in beautiful water surrounded by majestic cliffs.

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Mallory said...

I forgot about the sea lice! Those little buggers did sting. The mountains were amazing!