Wednesday, June 26, 2013

Sandstone Art

Valley of Fire State Park, Nevada
May 11, 2013
Nikon D3100: Tamron 18-270 at 18 mm: ISO 400: 1/250 sec.: f/10
After I finished at the White Domes trail, I was off to find pastel (pink) canyon.  I parked at the fire wave parking lot and headed out.  The directions I had said to walk south down the road until you came to a dip and that is where the canyon starts.  It looked to me like I could cut through a little and make some better time, plus its not much fun hiking along the road.  I hiked along with the road in sight for a while, but then I dropped down in a canyon and quickly got lost for an hour or so in the hot sun.  I found this fun formation not too long after I left the parking lot and had dropped down into the first little canyon.

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